Carrie Rengers

House of Hope is gone, but House of Hope Wichita is still here and dealing with confusion

More than a year after House of Hope closed, Kimberly Snapp didn’t think she’d still be battling name confusion with her House of Hope Wichita.

“It’s a branding nightmare,” says Snapp, executive director of the nonprofit.

House of Hope Wichita offers Christian counseling for troubled teens and their families along with classes on such things as parenting and leadership. It’s affiliated with the National House of Hope ministry.

That hasn’t prevented confusion with House of Hope, which was a for-profit day care for adults with disabilities.

“We get calls every week,” Snapp says.

Sometimes callers are doing background checks on employees who used to work with House of Hope.

“When they closed, we had our copier contract discontinued,” Snapp says of the confusion. “It is a real problem for us.”

Then, Have You Heard? wrote about Zernco, a general contractor, moving into the former of House of Hope Wichita space at Pawnee and Greenwich. Except it was the former House of Hope space, which caused Snapp to worry thinking of the further grief it might cause.

“It flabbergasts me how many people knew that House of Hope was out there,” she says. “Why is that corner so popular?”

Snapp says changing her organization’s name is not an option, so she continues to preach the difference between House of Hope Wichita and House of Hope.

“We’re not them. We would love to keep getting the word out.”

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