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86 Cold Press juice bar to open at Renfro next month

Austin Dugan is about to be a peripatetic juice peddler no more.

Dugan, a recent graduate from Kansas State University with an entrepreneurship degree, has been selling fresh juices from a bike at various markets around town.

Now, he’s signed a deal to open his 86 Cold Press in half of the former Cow & Sow Deli space at the Renfro just east of Douglas and St. Francis.

”It was the perfect spot,” Dugan says. “It was big enough, yet small enough.”

The Garden of Eatin’ took the other half of the former Cow & Sow space. Dugan’s business will be in the east half, which is just over 550 square feet.

“It was already built out for me.”

Dugan is going to add some of his own touches, such as tile at a juice bar.

“It’s going to be cool once I’m done with it,” he says. “I am just going to be going on a roll with this. It’s going to be fun.”

And a quick turnaround.

Dugan signed the deal this week and hopes to be open at the beginning of July.

He says having Crohn’s disease inspired him to look for healthy ways of managing it. Dugan says he doesn’t have to take medicine thanks to his juices.

In addition to the juices, Dugan also is going to begin selling yogurt bowls and healthy wraps so people can stop by for a quick lunch and “go on their way.”

“The food selection is going to be more limited,” Dugan says. “I’m more in the juice business.”

Eventually, Dugan plans to add cocktails to his menu for evening service as well.

Krista Racine of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Dugan says 86 was a favorite number of his from childhood and basketball. He selected the number to be part of the business name but then panicked when he heard a professor say 86 was a code number for something. So he immediately checked online for the definition.

“I hope it’s not something bad,” he says he thought.

He discovered it means to remove something.

“I knew that was … it,” Dugan of the name. That’s because he says he removes nutrients and vitamins from fruit and creates juice with them.

To see how Dugan prepares his pressed juices, check out the attached video.

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