Carrie Rengers

NotebookMechanix to consolidate space with Electronix Recyclers

NotebookMechanix, which does laptop repairs and parts sales in 6,000 square feet on South Pattie, is consolidating space next month with sister company Electronix Recyclers.

Alex Williamson says he’s “cutting my overhead.”

NotebookMechanix will move into Electronix Recyclers’ 10,000 square feet at 1224 Santa Fe South.

As the market changes and new computers keep becoming cheaper, Williamson says, “Not a lot of people are getting their stuff fixed.”

The exception is Apple computers.

“People do spend money on repairing them.”

About 75 percent of his business is out of town.

“I built the business based on serving small mom-and-pop computer stores around the nation,” Williamson says.

His other business offers electronics recycling for hospitals, banks and schools.

“We evaluate it to see if it’s worth reselling,” Williamson says. “If it has a life to it, we’ll refurbish it and put it out for sale.”

He has a small retail space at the business.

“We have anything that plugs in or takes batteries for sale.”

Even though he’s consolidating now, Williamson says there’s a chance he could open a larger retail store at some point.

“Let me see how this flies before we jump into a big retail location.”

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