Carrie Rengers

Twotrees Technologies expands at Firestone Place

Twotrees Technologies has already expanded its space at Firestone Place at the northeast corner of First and Emporia, where it moved last year.

“Our business is Internet security, and as you know, the Internet security business is booming right now,” says general manager Susie Smith.

The 30-year-old company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tulsa-based Woodard Technology & Investments and provides Internet management for school systems and others.

Initially, Twotrees was in 3,800 square feet. Now, it’s in 5,000 square feet, which brings the building to full occupancy.

Scott Harper and Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

“The last two years have been huge growth years for Twotrees Technologies,” Smith says.

Unlike some paint or dent businesses that celebrate hailstorms that mean more business, Smith says she’s not pleased to hear about massive Internet security breaches.

“It’s bad for everyone when there’s the big breaches like that,” she says. “The Internet is a global community, so when one suffers, we all suffer.”

Smith says the new space should be enough for the company for a while.

“I hope so, because we’re out of building here.”

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