Carrie Rengers

‘Naughty’ jokes for Jason Stuever after Jason Stever’s arrest

Jason Stuever, general manager of Midland Exteriors, shares almost the same name as the man arrested last week in connection with the 2005 Twigs fire.

Except for the silent “u” in his name, Stuever could be confused with Jason Stever.

“Honestly, my first thought was a little bit worrisome,” Stuever says.

“Oh, my god,” he says he thought. “My customers are going to think I’m a criminal.”

Then he says he started having some fun with it.

He posted a story on Facebook about how the 37-year-old Stever was arrested in San Diego.

“For the record I don’t live in San Diego, this is not how I am going to make the front page of the paper, and I wish I was still 37.”

None of his clients have expressed concern, but plenty of Stuever’s friends have had fun teasing him.

“You’ve been naughty!” wrote one.

Another replied, “I do not accept your flimsy alibi.”

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