Carrie Rengers

Wichita is great, but getting here isn’t, Logit president says (+video)

Don’t get Sam Pisani wrong. He’s high on Wichita. So high, in fact, the president of Toronto-based Logit Group chose Wichita as the U.S. operations hub for the company.

The business, which does market research for other companies, celebrated its grand opening at the former Circuit City space at 8405 E. Kellogg on Wednesday.

As Pisani chatted with area political and business leaders, he remarked that he found it odd that for such an aviation-focused city it’s so hard to get a direct flight here.

“Just once it would be nice to fly in direct,” he says.

“I understand the reason for the regional carriers. Competition. Keeping cost down.”

Pisani says that’s not how it is in Canada, though.

“The whole concept of connecting, moving your baggage, running to a different gate – totally foreign to us.”

To get to Wichita, Pisani says what should be a four-hour flight from Toronto is about double that – but not in the air. He says he spends as much time waiting on flights as he does in the air.

“There’s too much connecting going on.”

So will he talk to aviation officials while he’s here to see what they can do?

“If you can point me in the right direction, I will gladly.”

Logit could even do a study to back up his arguments, Pisani says.

He says Wichita still trumps any flight hassle getting here, though.

“It’s a minor pet peeve in the grand scheme of things.”

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