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Slickwraps April Fools’ joke inspired by customer confusion

Screenshot of website
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For the six years Slickwraps has been in business, founder and CEO Jonathan Endicott says not everyone has realized his company makes high-end accessories for electronic devices, such as phones and tablets.

“You guys sound like a condom company,” is a comment he says he regularly hears.

So he decided to create – but strictly for April Fools’ Day.

“I think it’s a really cool play on our name, and it’s just kind of fun,” Endicott says.

He took it pretty seriously, though, spending hours creating the site and using the company’s electronic wraps as condom wrappers instead.

There’s carbon fiber, wood, color, leather, brushed metal, a designer series and a glow series. For the condom lines, and not the electronic devices, there’s also a limited-edition election series. Picture Donald Trump giving the thumbs up for condoms.

Customers can place orders for the condoms, but then a few minutes later they’ll get e-mails explaining that they’ve been fooled.

“Everyone thinks it’s real, of course, till they check it out,” Endicott says.

Thirty minutes after he sent out releases Friday morning and put something on Twitter, he says he had a quick 100 comments, likes and shares.

“We’re expecting this to go viral today,” Endicott says. “The funny thing is that a lot of people have been asking about them, and they want to buy them.”

He says he’s not thinking of making condoms, though.

“Not anytime soon.”

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