Carrie Rengers

Adventurer Club is a new social network to connect people with similar interests

Nathan Williams of Baseline Creative says one of the laments about Facebook is that it’s not necessarily the best place to meet new people.

“You have your group of friends,” he says.

He has a client with an idea for a way to connect people locally and beyond who share the same interests.

“Basically, it’s a social network,” Williams says of the Adventurer Club.

“The entire idea behind it is to promote an active lifestyle.”

The site – which says, “Quite frankly, we find the current social channels on the interwebs as flat as parts of Kansas.” – is debuting with about 40 activity areas. There will be more to come.

Activities will range from sports, such as racquetball, hiking and canoeing, to less demanding pursuits, such as wine tastings.

Williams says the Adventurer Club can help users meet new people with similar interests, “especially if you know you’re going somewhere.”

He says his client “loves to ride motorcycles and play racquetball.”

“He wanted to find a way to promote … ethical, responsible camaraderie and help people engage with other like-minded people.”

Williams says the client wants to remain unnamed for now because he prefers not to be the focus.

To help the site kick off, Williams has been working with a group of people he calls adventurers.

“They’ll reach out to others. We’re just going to start letting people know it’s there.”

Williams says the focus isn’t on the scope of the site’s potential right now.

“That’s not something we’re really as concerned with at this point,” he says.

“Honestly, the goal with this was to make it something personal.”

He says users can create groups to interact with other people and do status updates about their activities.

As the site says, “The Adventurer Club isn’t a place to post photos of the sandwich you snarfed down for lunch – unless maybe you were summiting a peak or whale watching while eating it.”

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