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Spaulding Decon franchise to open in Wichita

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Augusta native Justin Kufahl has had a peripatetic life in recent years.

“Up until now I kind of did things that were interesting to me or sounded like fun or were exotic,” he says, explaining that he’s moved every six months to year and a half with various adventures.

Now, though, Kufahl is 40 and has decided to return to Kansas to open Spaulding Decon, a franchise that cleans crime scenes, mold, hoarding situations and the remains of meth labs.

“I don’t think there’s a whole lot of competition, but I do think there’s a whole lot of opportunity,” Kufahl says.

He’s done training at the Tampa-based company’s headquarters. Kufahl’s first on-the-job training was at the scene of a suicide, which he describes as “pretty disturbing,” at an independent living center.

He says he learned something important, though.

“The sooner that it gets back to looking normal, the easier it is for people,” Kufahl says. “Life goes on.”

He says hoarding jobs are their “own beast.”

The Decon in the company name stands for decontaminate.

The company will open sometime around the middle of April.

For now, Kufahl is operating from his Rose Hill home and out of a van where he keeps his tools.

He’s looking to hire five to 10 people, and he plans to one day have an office as well.

“I want to grow into that,” he says. “That will probably happen sooner rather than later.”

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