Carrie Rengers

Regier Carr & Monroe to expand to El Dorado

Accounting firm Regier Carr & Monroe, which is in the Garvey Center, is opening an office in El Dorado on Monday.

“We are one of the older accounting firms in this community,” says partner Larry Sell.

The firm started in 1948.

“We have a very solid, sound firm that spreads its wings around the country.”

The firm has more than 60 employees, including 16 and a half in Wichita. There are 10 partners, four of whom are in Wichita, and three offices in Oklahoma and one in Arizona.

“When we see those opportunities that we can provide and service and grow our practice … we do so,” Sell says. “We’ve been watching El Dorado for the last, oh, 10 years.”

He says the firm has developed relationships there.

“It’s just getting large enough that we’re being asked to come out that way,” Sell says. “There’s a lot of growth coming in El Dorado.”

The firm will be in 2,500 square feet at 112 E. Central, which is the same building where Security 1st Title is.

Sell says usually firms branch into other markets through acquisitions.

He says Regier Carr & Monroe is going into El Dorado relatively cold except for some of the relationships it already has.

“This is unconventional.”

Sell says he and firm partner Marshal Hull both live in Butler County and want firm employees “to see how we can plug in” to El Dorado.

“We want to be a community partner,” Sell says. “We want to assist in their economic develop opportunities they have.”

There will be three or four full-time employees to start.

“I hope to grow that to five to 10 over the course of the next couple of years,” Sell says. “The face time’s important.”

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