Carrie Rengers

Yoder Meats owner upset with Heroes Sports Bar and Grill advertising but not buying its products

In one of his regular e-mail blasts to customers this week, Yoder Meats owner Alan Waggoner writes:

“Hate to air our laundry but our customers need to know!!! Hero’s Restaurant continues to promote our product on their menu, but not purchasing product from us. This is deceptive to our customer base and our lawyers are issuing a cease and desist order to Hero’s for miss identifying product as Yoder Meats.”

Waggoner says he has no issue with the new owners of Heroes, which is located at 117 N. Mosley in Old Town, not using his products anymore.

“I said, ‘No problem. … You just gotta take us off your menu.’”

Waggoner says he’s called or gone to the restaurant almost every week since the beginning of January to complain.

“I’ve dealt with probably five different individuals.”

Heroes partner Poncho Lujano says he spoke with a woman from Yoder Meats but doesn’t recall speaking with Waggoner.

“We are in the process of redoing our menu right now,” he says. “It’s taken longer than we anticipated.”

He says the same goes for the Heroes website, where Yoder also was still listed until the website went down. It’s now offline until there’s a new one.

On the Heroes page at, Yoder Meats also is touted for its “100% all-natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, no water added, Kansas-raised beef that is never frozen, always fresh, and goes from ‘moo to chew in a day or two!’”

“It hurts my customers if they think that they’re buying my product,” Waggoner says.

Lujano says he didn’t know about the mention on 360Wichita.

Following a call from The Eagle, Lujano says he has contacted his vinyl representative to put black vinyl strips over three mentions of Yoder on the restaurant’s menu.

“It’s not going to look the prettiest.”

Lujano says he plans to call Waggoner to apologize.

“Everything is being worked on now.”

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