Carrie Rengers

Valentine Eclectics changes focus to hemp store (+video)

Chris Valentine opened Valentine Eclectics downtown last year to sell repurposed antiques and wood products, but he’s changing the focus of his business thanks to a discovery he made through his fiancee, Linda Cramer.

Cramer had chronic pain that she treated through cannabinoid products, which led Valentine to start carrying them in his shop, which is at 1123 E. Douglas across from Razook’s Home Furnishings.

“We didn’t realize they’re legal in Kansas,” he says. “In the world of healing, a lot of people believe they’re beneficial.”

He’s changing the sign at the business this week to reflect hemp and cannabinoid sales.

“We are going to be a hemp store,” Valentine says. “What we hear all the time is, ‘Gosh, we didn’t know there was a store like this in town.’ 

He says he’s spent the last half-year seeking what he calls credible manufacturers whose products he can sell.

“We’ve kind of been slowly converting,” Valentine says. “That just went crazy.”

The store sells pain-relieving creams, edibles, infused butter and honey along with its traditional antiques and wood products.

Valentine also sells local soap, jewelry, art and postcards.

“If somebody makes something in Wichita, we would love to have it in our store.”

Check out more about the store in a video of the business at

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