Carrie Rengers

Douglass Wealth Management to open independent Wells Fargo Advisors branch

Douglass Wealth Management, which is part of Wells Fargo Advisors at 300 S. Main, is branching out with its own space in the Waterfront at the northeast corner of 13th and Webb.

“Wells Fargo gave us this opportunity,” says Mark Douglass, who will be managing partner. “It’s a great one.”

As an independent branch of Wells Fargo, Douglass Wealth Management will have its name on its building, and the Wells Fargo brand will be inside the office. Douglass says that’s the reverse of what it is now.

In March, the branch will open in about 2,800 square feet where Specs Eyewear and H&R Block used to be.

“It gives me direct control over how we … put branch resources to work in serving our clients,” Douglass says of the move.

“We have kind of a unique approach in how we service our clients,” he says. “We do focus more on big-picture planning and financial management rather than just the investment selection and the buying and selling of investments. … I’ve found in my experience that that’s quite different than what a lot of advisers do.”

Douglass says he looked at a number of properties but kept coming back to the Waterfront.

“Getting the right location was key in my mind,” he says. “It’s easy access even for clients who are not east side. It was important to me to have street-front parking – to be able to walk straight in.”

Douglass says Waterfront developer Johnny Stevens “and his team were really good to work with.”

Don Piros and Ken Saville of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

There are three advisers and an assistant at Douglass Wealth Management.

Douglass says the new space is designed with room for expansion.

“We look for I guess you call it thoughtful expansion,” he says. “We’re not looking to grow just to grow.”

Douglass says he’s looking forward to providing clients with even better service with the move.

“That’s what it’s all about,” he says. “We’ll be successful and so will our clients.”

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