Carrie Rengers

Caffe Moderne temporarily closes for changes

Caffe Moderne has closed, but only temporarily.

“I’m just redoing the kitchen, adding more equipment to it,” says owner Melad Stephan.

He’s overhauling the menu and wants to add more hot food.

When Janet and Grant Rine opened the business in Old Town Square in 2006, they featured mostly sandwiches on their menu. There were some quiches and salads as well.

“We’re going to keep some … of the old favorite ones,” Stephan says.

He took over managing the restaurant in 2011 and then purchased the business from the Rines late last year.

“The menu hasn’t been done since the day they opened up,” Stephan says.

He’s adding more pasta dishes and some “trendy salads,” such as kale and quinoa.

“I’m always the type of person who changes stuff,” Stephan says.

Across the patio, he’s also making some changes at his Oeno Wine Bar.

Though he’ll still sometimes have a DJ, Stephan says there will no longer be a nightclub atmosphere. He’s adding more food to the menu and says he’ll concentrate more on wine presentation.

“We’re going back to being a wine bar.”

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