Carrie Rengers

A New Twist to Twist Yarn Shop

There’s a new twist in the tale of Twist Yarn Shop in Delano – literally.

Alayne Peterson is going to be reopening the shop next month as A New Twist.

“We’re working on getting stock right now,” she says.

Twist Yarn Shop owner Shelly Stilger, who recently closed her 7-year-old shop at 607 W. Douglas, sold all of her inventory.

Peterson says she’ll have the same supplies Stilger carried plus yarn from a few extra suppliers.

Though the store doesn’t open until February, Peterson is inviting knitters in for lunch Wednesday to knit and see the new shop.

She says she plans to add new features to the business as she goes.

“We’re hoping to expand into things in the summer that will keep people coming into the shop,” she says. “A lot of knitters tend to slow down in the summer months.”

Previous Twist Yarn Shop employees Diane Moos and Susan Gilroy are remaining at the shop.

A longtime knitter herself, Peterson says she’s always wanted to own her own shop. Previously she was in office management and accounting.

Moos is who told her Stilger was closing. Peterson says her husband said it was a sign.

“Well,” he said, “there’s your shop.”

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