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Valley Offset Printing purchases CS&S Graphics

UPDATED – Just a few months after Wichita’s Quality Printing merged with Valley Offset Printing in Valley Center, Valley Offset has purchased Wichita’s CS&S Graphics.

Valley Offset vice president Travis Bryant says it’s “just to help grow our business.”

Steve Kubin, who owned CS&S with his wife, Genee, says he’s ready to retire after being in the business since 1972.

Kubin started CS&S as a division of another company in 1984, and he made it independent in 1986.

“An opportunity arose – wasn’t really looking for it,” Bryant says of buying CS&S. “It met some of my objectives.”

He says it’ll take a few weeks to transition CS&S into the Valley Offset business.

Bryant says most of CS&S’ 16 employees will make the move, but he’s not sure how many will for sure.

“That’s the part I don’t know 100 percent yet.”

Valley Offset, which is at 160 S. Sheridan in Valley Center, has 40 employees and does printing mostly for other companies, though it has some walk-in business.

It prints such things as newspapers, high-end brochures and booklets.

CS&S brings a few things to Valley Offset that the company hadn’t been doing, such as envelopes.

“That was part of it,” Bryant says of his interest.

He’s not looking to buy more companies at the moment.

“We’ll probably call it good for now.”

Kubin says he’ll “be hanging around for four to six months” to help with the transition.

He says he can’t say how it feels to have sold the company.

“I don’t know yet,” he says. “It’s too soon to tell.”

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