Carrie Rengers

NuWay closes 21st and Amidon location

A NuWay sandwich and root beer
A NuWay sandwich and root beer File photo

NuWay is once again leaving the 21st and Amidon area.

It was about two decades ago when the NuWay closed at Twin Lakes on the southeast corner of the intersection.

Then the Wichita chain that makes crumbly burgers opened west of the intersection at 2135 W. 21st St. three years ago.

That location closed for good after business on Saturday.

“There was a lot of construction going on in the area,” says Chris Stong, director of operations for his family’s business.

“The construction had a significant impact on us.”

Stong says he believes in the area, though.

“I think the area is coming back and revitalizing,” he says. “We still think it’s a great neighborhood.”

Stong says two of the chain’s five remaining restaurants are still relatively close to the 21st and Amidon area. One is the chain’s original site near Douglas and Seneca, and the other is at Central and Ridge Road.

Stong says his family would like to open another store somewhere else but that it’s a more difficult selection process than it is for a McDonald’s or Starbucks.

“I don’t have what the heavy hitters have,” he says. “We don’t have the research department and the algorithms and all that stuff. We just go off of guts and feelings.”

Stong says he’ll go off of them again.

“Yes, we would like to have other stores somewhere, but we don’t know where.”