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You don’t say: The year in quotes

Doc, a B-29 Superfortress bomber that's undergoing restoration, survived target practice. But why?
Doc, a B-29 Superfortress bomber that's undergoing restoration, survived target practice. But why? The Wichita Eagle

They may be only one-liners, but a number of 2015’s quotes of the day deserve a second read:

“When I write my book, everyone will run for cover.”

– Realtor Cindy Carnahan, speaker for the Chamber’s Small Business Awards, who says real estate agents have stories that simply can’t be made up

“I hate to attack God and nuns, but look at their search engine.”

RSA Marketing’s Mike Snyder, speaking at a Chamber meeting about how Via Christi Health doesn’t immediately pop up on Google searches for “Wichita ER” but his client, Wesley Medical Center, does

“We don’t want to brag, but we’ve been serving breakfast all day since 1987.”

– A new ad campaign from Jimmie’s Family Diner, which pokes fun at the new all-day breakfasts at McDonald’s

“I hope you enjoyed your lunch, because if you paid 30 bucks to see me, you should ask for a refund.”

Aerion co-chairman Brian Barents, speaking at a Wichita Aero Club luncheon

“At first I was mad because I hadn’t thought of it myself.”

Liz Koch, who says she wishes it had been her idea to use family land at 13th and Rock Road for a new Wichita Center for the Arts

“Best-dressed crowd I bet this place has ever seen.”

Nancy Blanchat on the Monday afternoon Pumphouse crowd following the funeral of owner Jim Ross, who had a dying request to buy all the attendees a drink

“She’s like Martha Stewart, only likable.”

– Marketer Tammy Allen on Sandra Denneler, who is having a book signing for her new book of edible art, “Oh, What a Treat,” at Watermark

“I felt naked.”

– County Commissioner Dave Unruh on accidentally leaving his cellphone at home

“I wouldn’t respond to you either.”

Bonnie Tharp’s response to her husband, Michael, who complained that a business wasn’t answering his e-mail, which he sent from his “Magic Mike“ address

“At my age, I’ll take all the thrills I can get.”

Professional Engineering Consultants’ Steve Hauck, who says he doesn’t mind the occasional earthquake in Wichita

“I said, ‘Well, if you’re having trouble seeing, here’s my card.’ 

Doolin-Shaw Optical eyeglass maker Melissa Shockley’s response to an officer who pulled her over and, embarrassed, then explained he confused mannequin heads for unbuckled children because he was having trouble seeing

“I indicated mine was extra easy as long as you know the second to the last letter is an ‘a, ‘ not an ‘o.’ 

– U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, speaking at the Northrop Grumman Supplier Symposium on name pronunciations

“Person next to me appears to be only on his first beer, but upon hearing I’m from Wichita, tells me he hopes Barry Sanders wins the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton.”

– A Facebook post from former Wichitan Keith Murray, who recently moved to Orlando and didn’t have any luck explaining that Wichita football star Barry Sanders and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are two different people

“And I personally wanted somebody who could pronounce El Dorado correctly.”

McClatchy Co. vice president of operations Mark Zieman on new Wichita Eagle president and publisher Roy Heatherly, a former Wichitan

Sheplers gets the boot.”

– Reader David Kamerer on what the headline should have been about Boot Barn buying Sheplers with plans to rebrand the chain

“A lot of people have congratulated me and in the same breath asked me for basketball tickets.”

– New Wichita State University general counsel David Moses, who says he responds that he not only doesn’t get free tickets but has to pay for his own reserved parking

“I can’t believe it. I was going to open with an acrobatic act.”

Randy Cohen, vice president of research and policy for Americans for the Arts, who spoke at an Arts Council breakfast after following two acrobats from the Cirque Musica Symphonic

“What the hell were you thinking?”

– A friend’s teasing comment to Jan Harrison, who had the idea for the new Wichita Eisenhower National Airport name, as the two worked furiously with a team to set up for a dedication and gala

“For a second I thought, ‘Wow, I can just go back to sleep.’ And that’s just what I did.”

– Former KFDI, 101.3-FM, news director Dan Dillon, who now works for the Sedgwick County district attorney’s office, on briefly waking up during a storm

Doc survived being parked as a target in the bombing range in the desert. The Air Force will tell you that’s because it was a target for the Navy.”

Jeff Turner, speaking at the downtown Rotary club about “Doc,” a B-29 Superfortress bomber that’s undergoing restoration

“If you like to cook, and all your friends say to open a restaurant, but you have no restaurant experience at all, go work as a dishwasher for six months, then as a server, then as a fry cook. Then decide if grandma’s recipes are worth all the work.”

– No. 2 on the list of advice, right behind having a lot of money and being able to lose it all, that restaurateur and consultant Tanya Tandoc offers on running a restaurant (see the whole list here:

“After reading that, I started thinking maybe I was a millennial.”

– Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau, speaking on a panel at the Chamber Chairman’s Lunch about a study showing that generation thinks government is inefficient, supports cronyism and abuses power

“Hey, Einstein … it’s your wife, and you are already married.”

Molly LeBlanc’s response to her husband, Artichoke Sandwich Bar owner Pat Audley, when he accidentally answered the bar phone with: “Can I marry you? Oh, oh, not marry you. Can I help you?”

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