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Brett Harris and Tracy Cassidy to return to morning show on new Envision station

Former B98 morning hosts Tracy Cassidy and Brett Harris are returning to a morning show together on a new Envision radio station.
Former B98 morning hosts Tracy Cassidy and Brett Harris are returning to a morning show together on a new Envision radio station. Courtesy photo

As of Monday, two of Wichita’s best-known radio personalities will be back on air together.

Brett Harris and Tracy Cassidy are returning to radio with Brett & Tracy Mornings on Envision’s new radio station, KKGQ, 92.3-FM.

“It’s going to be the show we’ve always been known for,” Harris says. “It’s going to be like we took two weeks off.”

The pair started working together on KRBB, 97.9-FM, in 1990. Harris was fired from the station in 2012. Cassidy lost her job in May.

“Brett and Tracy have been a staple in this market,” says Heather Hogan, Envision’s vice president of foundation and mission services.

Their community outreach effort “has just been tremendously inspiring for us,” Hogan says.

That’s going to be a big part of the station and the show, she says.

“We are developing a station that is really focused on promoting our mission platform.”

Envision’s mission is to serve the blind and vision impaired.

“For blind and vision-impaired people, radio is incredibly important,” Hogan says. “It was just a good fit for us. It’s an incredible mission extension for us.”

She says the station, which will be known as Q92, the Beat, will have blind and vision-impaired employees and talent.

Envision Broadcast Network is operating the for-profit station, which used to be KFTI.

“Our primary goal … is to increase employment and mission opportunities for the people that we serve,” Hogan says.

Though Harris and Cassidy will promote Envision and other groups around the city, they say the show will still be relevant to the community at large.

“It’s not going to be all about good deeds,” Cassidy says. “It’s not going to be all sunny skies.”

For instance, they’ll have opinion polls that might feature things such as the gripe of the day.

The station is going to have more news about its format on Monday, but it’ll be a mix of music from the ’90s to now.

“Given that it’s Brett and me, it’s probably not going to be polka,” Cassidy says.

The show will be on 5 to 10 a.m. on weekdays.

Former Wichita station owner Don Sherman of Intrepid Radio Networks is a consultant for the station, which could syndicate to reach the blind and vision impaired elsewhere.

“It’s unique positioning for a station,” Hogan says.

Harris says there are all kinds of opportunities the station and show will have to help Envision with its mission.

“We know one day we’re going to be teaching kids radio,” he says of the children Envision serves. “That is a cool story.”

Harris says he’ll still be on “The Brett & Sierra Show” on KSCW, Channel 33.

Cassidy says she and Harris have remained close since they quit working together.

“Even when he was gone and I was working, we were texting all the time,” she says. “I couldn’t admit that back then.”

Harris says their teaming again was “just a matter of time.”

“I don’t think it was a matter of if Brett and Tracy get back together. It was a matter of when.”

He says it’s similar to a family reunion.

“It feels like home again.”

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