Carrie Rengers

Hearing Group has deal for a ‘business license’ in Emporia

Jesse Hidalgo’s new Hearing Group at Maple and Maize Road is just over a month old, but he’s already realizing his plan to franchise the hearing aid business. Except he can’t call it a franchise just yet.

“That’s going to be coming in play officially by the middle of this next year,” he says.

For now, Hidalgo says he’s entered into a business license arrangement with Irma Cohens for an Emporia Hearing Group.

“She’ll be the first one adding onto the brand the Hearing Group,” Hidalgo says. “We can’t call it a franchise yet.”

Once his paperwork is filed and approved, Hidalgo will be able to call future owners of Hearing Groups franchisees.

Each person will be the owner of his respective business or businesses, but an overall branded group has advantages, Hidalgo says.

For instance, they’ll have better buying power, which will lead to better pricing for customers. The owners will share marketing as well.

“They don’t have to be by themselves,” Hidalgo says.

“We’re trying to create one unified brand across the organization,” he says. “It kind of gives them strength as far as the brand is concerned.”

In addition to working on franchises, Hidalgo wants to open more Hearing Group sites himself.

He’s targeting the east side for his next one in the spring.

“Our goal is we’re going to be opening up 15 to 20 locations ourselves in the next five years.”

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