Carrie Rengers

Former Fantasy Complex likely to become event center

Developer Rob Snyder has purchased the former Fantasy Complex at 3201 S. Hillside and is considering putting an event center there.

“It was such a cool place,” he says. “There’s a lot of history in that place.”

Snyder says he wasn’t familiar with the longtime gay club during its 35 years. He says he then toured its six acres – which include a pool, a volleyball court and a couple of large buildings – and became interested.

Originally, Snyder says he considered an industrial use, but he says employees encouraged him to do an event center instead, explaining that it’s needed in the area.

“That’s really where we’re at at this point,” he says.

Snyder has applied for an event license and likely will apply for a liquor license as well, though he says he doesn’t want to run a bar. He says he wants to have a “controlled type of clientele.”

He says he’s also thinking about having local musicians play a couple of times a month, but he hasn’t finalized anything yet.

Snyder says he has filled in the pool, though.

“I don’t want a pool,” he says. “I buried that.”

There are no more koi ponds, either, but Snyder says he’ll create a nice outdoor area along with doing indoor remodeling.

Though much remains to be decided, Snyder thinks he’s settled on a name.

“Actually, I think we’re going to call it the Place. Yeah, it’s the Place.”

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