Carrie Rengers

Downtown developers prepare Merrill Lynch building for potential tenants

There’s some work going on that’s attracting attention at the Merrill Lynch building at Douglas and Market, but there’s no news yet on potential occupants for the building.

“We’re really early in this whole process,” says Michael Ramsey of himself and business partner Robert Eyster.

For now, the downtown developers are gutting and cleaning the inside in preparation for potential tenants.

Ramsey says they’d like the space to be ready to coincide with the city’s reopening of the former Macy’s garage at 215 S. Market next year.

“That’s the reason we brought that one to the forefront,” he says of putting this project ahead of others.

The plan now is to divide the first floor into two large office spaces.

On the second floor, the tentative plan is for eight or nine offices of between 300 and 600 square feet each. There would be shared spaces for a conference room, coffee bar and workout center.

However, Ramsey says plans could change if a tenant wanted all or most of the space on either floor.

“I’d be open to that.”

Plans aren’t finalized yet on renovations, either, but Ramsey says they’re “doing some pretty cool stuff with the facade.”

“It’s going to make it look like a totally different building.”

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