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Michele Gors resigns from KPTS, station seeks new president and CEO

Michele Gors is looking for a new job after seven years leading KPTS, Channel 8.
Michele Gors is looking for a new job after seven years leading KPTS, Channel 8. Courtesy photo

After seven years leading the public television station KPTS, Channel 8, Michele Gors says she’s had enough.

“I’m just kind of burned out on the fundraising,” she says. “It’s just not really my background or who I am.”

The Iowa native became president and CEO in late 2008 after being news director at KWCH, Channel 12, for almost three years.

Gors says public television is “really a completely different animal” than commercial TV.

“It really was never the great fit that I thought it was going to be for me.”

With state funding cuts and “incredible equipment needs,” Gors says that “it just never seems to ever get better.”

“I want to get back to something that’s a little more closely related to my heart and where my passion is.”

That’s likely not television. Gors says she likes controlling her own schedule, and television news “controlled me, of course.”

She says something along the lines of public relations, marketing or communications interests her.

Gors hasn’t found a new job yet, but she says she wants to stay in Wichita.

“I believe that there’s probably something here for me.”

KPTS chair Ted Ayres says it may be optimistic, but the board would like to have a replacement for Gors by Jan. 1.

“She’s going to be good enough to stay through this transition period,” he says.

“It’s an important job for our community,” Ayres says. “It’s a hard job, but it’s one that can make a real difference, I think, for the quality of life in Wichita, Kansas.”

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