Carrie Rengers

Jonathan W. McConnell Attorney at Law opens

Attorney Jonathan W. McConnell has opened his own law practice after working for Monnat & Spurrier and as an assistant district attorney under Nola Foulston.

“I decided that it was time to spread my wings and fly, so to speak,” says McConnell, who named the practice after himself.

McConnell says he wants to be his own boss and be responsible for his own clients.

“I just wanted to try kind of a modern approach to the legal practice.”

He says that could mean anything from corresponding with clients via text and e-mail to how he picks jurors or tries cases.

McConnell says he sees some approaches to law as antiquated.

His office is in the Wichita Scottish Rite Center at First and Topeka.

McConnell is the attorney for the Midian Shrine Temple.

“So they created an office for me in a beautiful location,” he says.

McConnell specializes in criminal defense and will do some civil litigation. He’s been working on his new practice since September.

“Everything has just now kind of gone live.”

McConnell says former boss Dan Monnat “really raised me as an attorney.”

He says Monnat didn’t offer advice when he left, though.

“I think he just told me, ‘Good luck.’”

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