Carrie Rengers

High Value Outcomes to help with corporate conflict resolution

Conflict is a constant in business, whether it’s with a co-worker, a boss or even a client, and Wichitan Michael Toebe hopes to build a business around that.

Toebe is starting High Value Outcomes, a training and consulting business that will focus on conflict resolution within companies.

He says he wants to teach people how to “learn how to listen better, show empathy, ask questions that get to the root of the problem.”

“I’m trying to focus on what people can accomplish by … awareness and building a skill set.”

Often, Toebe says, “We just can’t find our way out because we have these default behaviors.”

He says the behaviors could be rooted in childhood or stem from other parts of someone’s life.

Toebe has a degree in communications and public relations and a background in newspapers and radio. Since then, he says, he’s had a lot of conflict resolution training at various institutes.

“I’d say I’ve been studying it for about a decade.”

Toebe says he’s available if businesses need an immediate resolution or want training on how to apply conflict resolution and make it a part of their culture.

He says it could be useful “if they’re having departments that are not communicating well.”

Or, he says, it could be a case of a high achiever who may be struggling with interpersonal communications.

Companies may have success but also have employees who are struggling with conflict.

“It’s in their best interest to resolve it,” Toebe says.

He will be going through some training himself soon on how to handle anger management.

“I’m hoping that will … round out what I offer now.”

Toebe says it’s been interesting how his training has affected his own life and resolutions within it.

“It’s funny how I see things through an entire different lens now.”

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