Carrie Rengers

Canadian market research firm Logit Group to open 100-seat call center

Toronto-based Logit Group usually does market research for other companies, but it’s been doing a little for itself lately in trying to decide where its new call center will go.

“It’s a big move for us,” says president Sam Pisani. “Our goal is that over time, the call center would become our U.S. operations hub.”

The company considered Wichita along with other markets and, after detailed analysis, decided Wichita will land the 100-seat center.

Pisani says Wichita is tops “in every single metric that we were measuring.”

That includes its workforce quality and availability, education and its centralized location and ability to maximize time zones.

“It became very evident to us that Wichita was going to be our first choice,” Pisani says.

The company has been negotiating on a few places here, including the former Circuit City space at 8405 E. Kellogg.

“That is probably the leading location,” Pisani says.

He says Kellogg access is attractive.

Another potential site he describes as being “in the downtown core.”

Pisani says the decision is coming soon because he wants the center to open in January.

Job fairs likely will begin in December. The company is looking to hire between 100 and 200 full- and part-time employees initially.

If the site becomes Logit’s U.S. hub, as Pisani plans, he says he’ll also have to hire programmers, account managers, project managers and data analysts.

Logit’s 40-person Toronto headquarters also has a 100-seat call center.

It also has two sites in Montreal, including a 60-seat call center and a store in a shopping mall where it can do test marketing.

There are 10 Logit programmers and developers in India as well.

“This is our first formal expansion into the United States, so it’s very exciting,” Pisani says of Wichita.

He stresses that Logit is not a telemarketing company.

“We don’t sell anything,” he says. “Our revenue … is the accuracy of the information we collect.”

That could be data collection through online surveys about products or taste tests in shopping malls.

“We’re the company that will call somebody at home and ask … how they’re intending to vote,” Pisani says.

“We call ourselves a market research execution company. We’re kind of on the front lines to actually collect the data.”

Mostly, that’s for other market research companies, he says.

Since Logit decided to locate here, Pisani says, everyone from economic development types to average Wichitans have been “super helpful.”

He says the welcoming attitude “has been spectacular.”

“Right away we thought that we made the right choice.”

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