Carrie Rengers

Rocco’s finally set to open in Wellington

Restaurants – if not all businesses – typically take longer to open than expected, but Rocco’s in Wellington has taken considerably more time than planned.

“Honestly, we’ve been scrambling,” says spokesman and business consultant Greg Erbert.

He’s a minority partner in Rocco’s. Jeff Ralls and Mark Goodrum are the majority owners.

Former Oliver’s Little Italy owner Scott Cosentino had planned to open the business, but he moved out of state.

A few other staffing changes happened along the way, but now the restaurant at 107 W. Harvey is ready, Erbert says.

The business will open to the public Monday following some VIP dinners this weekend.

“I’m telling you what, our food is incredible,” Erbert says. “It is absolutely incredible.”

He says a few former YaYa’s EuroBistro cooks will be in the kitchen along with an Italian cook who now is answering to Rocco, even though that’s not his name.

“He just looks the part,” Erbert says.

He says the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. It will have Italian food and some seafood and steaks.

“We’ve got a beautiful little restaurant.”

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