Carrie Rengers

Siva Yoga Studio to move to College Hill area

Husband and wife Adrian Tartler and Whitney Rodriguez are moving their Siva Yoga Studio closer to their home.

“We’ve always wanted to be near College Hill,” Tartler says.

The two are moving from 416 S. Commerce St. to the former MGM Studio of the Dance space on the north side of Douglas – not to be confused with former MGM space on the south side – at 3208 E. Douglas.

MGM is now at Plaza Del Sol at 435 N. Woodlawn near Central and Woodlawn.

Tartler says he and his wife like the idea of “something in our neighborhood” so they can walk or bike there. He says it’ll also be easier to offer such things as early morning classes.

If it seems like Siva has moved a lot, that’s because there have been a few locations.

Tartler opened his first Siva studio in Delano, but he says he couldn’t get the space as hot as he needed it so he moved to Commerce Street.

He also tried a second studio for hot yoga, but he says that didn’t work out.

“That just turned into being a bad business move,” Tartler says.

He says people said they wanted hot yoga but didn’t support it.

Classes will continue at Commerce Street until the new studio opens on Jan. 1.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal for the new space.

Tartler says Rodriguez has been teaching with him for a few years but has never had time to be involved with the moves because of their children, who are now a little older.

“It’s the first time my wife is kind of getting to be a part of this.”

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