Carrie Rengers

Thunderbird Tactical move to new complex is delayed but still coming

Ryan and Jennifer Pennock still have plans to move their Thunderbird Tactical from Delano to a shooting complex at the southwest corner of 28th and Greenwich, but there’s been what Ryan Pennock calls “a hiccup.”

“In September, we lost our largest investor,” he says.

The investor has a serious illness, Pennock says.

“Jenny and I … we made a decision to do the right thing and let him out of his contract for his family,” Pennock says.

“We had to replace those funds, but we got them all replaced,” he says. “It’s taken us some time to get everything squared away.”

Within three or four weeks, he says he plans “to break everything loose again” and finish construction.

“It just takes time.”

Pennock says the steel is up for the 27,000-square-foot complex.

“Once we put windows and doors in, we’ll be weather tight.”

He says that leaves the parking lot and the “guts” of the building to do.

The planned March opening will be delayed.

“We’re looking at April,” Pennock says.

Despite the delay, he says there’s no chance the project won’t happen.

“Oh, no. Hell no. … My whole life is out here on the line. It’s just a hiccup.”

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