Carrie Rengers

Twist Yarn Shop likely will remain in Delano

There are a couple of unexpected twists, so to speak, with the fate of Twist Yarn Shop in Delano

Last month, owner Shelly Stilger said she would be closing her 7-year-old shop at 607 W. Douglas at the end of the year.

She’s sold her inventory much more quickly than she anticipated, though, so Saturday is her last day in business.

“That was really freaky,” Stilger says. “It just went so fast.”

The good news for yarn lovers, though, is it looks like someone else will be reopening the store.

“We do have an agreement to sell the shop,” Stilger says. “We’re waiting for it to be finalized.”

She says she doesn’t want to name the new owner until then. Stilger isn’t sure how quickly that person will be able to reopen.

“We were hoping there wouldn’t be a lag in between, but hopefully it won’t be very long,” she says.

“I’m really happy. Really happy because we have such a great community of people. Our customers are marvelous,” Stilger says. “Everybody’s really happy that there will still be a place to meet.”

She still has “a tiny bit” left to sell. Stilger says she has a few needles, some yarn, buttons and shop models to sell before the end of business on Saturday.

“The new owner will need to restock, obviously.”

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