Carrie Rengers

Spaulding’s Food & Drink to open in Andover

Spaulding’s Food & Drink is opening in the former Stooges Bar & Grill space in Andover at 220 W. Third, which is near the southwest corner of Central and Andover.

“People can finally get some food in Andover other than fast food,” says Ray Tharman, an Andover resident who is opening the business.

He says he’ll have “just kind of a family atmosphere bar and grill.”

It will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, and Tharman says the idea is to cater to families earlier in the day. He says he wants parents to know they can bring their children “and not be offended by anything.”

After 9 p.m., Tharman says that “it’s definitely going to be the bar atmosphere.”

“I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of sales coming from the bar.”

Tharman says there will be all kinds of food, including tacos, meatloaf, enchiladas and a steak or two along with daily specials.

There will be nine TVs featuring sports.

Tharman, who has a convenience store and retail background, says he wants to focus on customer service.

He says he’s been thinking of opening a restaurant for a few years.

“I saw an opportunity.”

Spaulding’s will open in early December.

“It’s just a name that a friend of mine has always called me when we were out golfing,” Tharman says of Spaulding’s.

He says the special moniker isn’t because of his skill.

“I’m kind of a hacker.”

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