Carrie Rengers

European Wax Center opens at Waterfront

The new European Wax Center has been conducting training at its new space in the Waterfront this week in preparation for its official opening on Monday.

The franchise is in 1,400 square feet where Metro Grill used to be next to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. The space has been transformed and is unrecognizable as a former restaurant.

David Petty, who calls himself the designated manager owner, says all first-time guests will received a complimentary service to introduce them to the company’s four-step waxing process.

Women can select from an eyebrow, under arm or bikini line wax, and men can choose from a eyebrow, nose or ear wax.

Petty says he’s confident in giving away free services because he knows what the return will be.

“Everybody will be back because it’s such a great experience.”

A European Wax Center for the west side is likely to follow.

“We are totally interested,” Petty says. “We have to kind of recover from these labor pains before we have another baby.”

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