Carrie Rengers

Jaco General Contractor Inc. forms to do light commercial projects

Former Key Construction managers Jeff Francis and Josh Kippenberger have now started their own company, Jaco General Contractor Inc.

“It’s attractive to … do your own thing,” Kippenberger says.

“We’ve kind of talked about it for a while, and we had an opportunity to partner together with an economy that’s ticking up a little bit,” he says. Kippenberger says they “feel like we can be successful on our own.”

The two want to do light commercial projects with an emphasis on restaurant and hospitality jobs.

“I’ve got a long resume in restaurant construction and have a lot of good friends and partners,” Kippenberger says.

He says he and Francis both have done extensive work with hospitality jobs.

“They’re something we know well, something we can build well,” Kippenberger says. “They’ve historically been some pretty good projects for us.”

There are three people at the company currently. Kippenberger says he and Francis are negotiating on a few jobs that will require them to bring on a few more people.

“We hope to bring another three or four people on by the end of the first 12 months,” Kippenberger says.

Though they’re looking to grow, he says he and Francis aren’t looking to be the next Key Construction.

“We just want to be big enough to be profitable.”

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