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King of Freight almost doubles space at High Touch building

King of Freight is almost doubling its space at the High Touch building downtown.
King of Freight is almost doubling its space at the High Touch building downtown. File photo

A year after moving to 5,000 square feet at the High Touch building downtown, King of Freight is expanding again, this time within the building.

“We’re getting ready to hire about 20 to 30 new people next year,” says Mike Ricklefs, who started the business eight years ago from his apartment.

“We have more than doubled in size the last four years in a row, profit and gross sales and employees.”

The freight brokerage company currently has 40 employees and is grossing about $35 million a year, Ricklefs says.

King of Freight is something of a middleman between businesses – including such as customers Georgia-Pacific and ABC Supply – and trucking companies.

“We’re landing big corporations to ship through us,” Ricklefs says.

“When we land big corporations, that comes with a lot of different branches,” he says. “We pretty much go in, and we attack all their branches and get them to start shipping with us.”

Though he’s adding new customers, too, Ricklefs says, “We’ve grown a lot more through our current accounts.”

He says he’s now expanding for a total of 9,160 square feet in the High Touch building at 110 S. Main.

Cristi Howell and Kristin Stang of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the new space.

Ricklefs credits others, such as business partner Greg Bolain, for helping King of Freight grow.

“He’s created us … a million-dollar website,” Ricklefs says of Bloain’s work on “We have a lot of functionality as far as IT goes.”

He also credits managers Brady Miller and Brandon Howarah.

“The two managers have helped me build a very, very strong sales force,” Ricklefs says.

Whitney Cochran is in charge of the billing department, which Ricklefs calls a “major asset.”

He says the company is on track to make half a million dollars a month in profit by next year.

“That’s what we’re estimated to do next year with the growth that we’ve been doing.”

Ricklefs says he expects more growth after that, though he says he still marvels how far he’s come from his humble start with one laptop at home.

“I still feel like I’ve (come) a long way.”

Ricklefs says the company’s move into the new space will happen will happen between Dec. 1 and Jan. 1.

“We plan to have that place filled up in 2016.”

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