Carrie Rengers

Alltite expands its reach into Canada with Alltite Global, Powered by Lockhart Oilfield Services

Alltite, which sells industrial bolting equipment and services to heavy industrial plants, is expanding its reach in Canada.

Alltite has been distributing tools in Canada through Lockhart Oilfield Services for about a year.

Now, there’s a more formal arrangement with the new Alltite Global, Powered by Lockhart Oilfield Services.

“We kind of did a concept like a franchise … but it’s really a distributorship,” says Alltite sales director Anne Smith.

“It’s not just sending our tools out. It’s really giving them the entire bolting package,” she says. “They’re actually utilizing our brand to have storefronts.”

Alltite Global is going to open a satellite office in Red Deer, Alberta, along with three field offices in Edmonton, Fort St. John and Grande Prairie.

Smith says Alltite is outfitting the company’s vans with its systems and is using the Alltite brand within the Canadian offices.

“They are utilizing our software programs and services and paying us a monthly royalty for that,” she says.

“We have a much greater reach now,” Smith says. “People really know them, and they really trust them.”

Smith says Alltite is looking into a Mexican distributorship as well.

“We’re really basing it off of what we’ve already experienced in Canada,” she says. “They’ve been really an amazing team to work with.”

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