Carrie Rengers

Popeyes franchisee rebuilding his Hillside restaurant

Popeyes franchisee Willie Kendrick is rebuilding his restaurant, which is known as the Hill, at 1350 N. Hillside. The new restaurant will be on property immediately to the south.

“It’s just a full-circle thing,” says Charles Winfield, the restaurant’s assistant manager.

“This Popeyes has been … good to the community; the community has been good to it. The owner is just giving back.”

Winfield says the new Popeyes will be almost twice as big.

“This one’s kind of tiny,” he says of the existing restaurant.

The new one will have a double drive-through, an expanded lobby and overflow parking.

The restaurant has only a few tables now and will be at least tripling its number at the new restaurant.

“This market’s already on fire,” Winfield says of sales.

“It’s just a tradition.”

Winfield says Popeyes has been there for decades, but its floor plan had been set up for another restaurant.

The new restaurant will allow for even more sales, he says, and will give the popular Popeyes on North Rock Road some serious competition.

“We’re right on their heels,” he says. “This new store’s gonna put us right at No. 1.”

Winfield says the new restaurant, which is just starting to be framed, is supposed to be ready by Dec. 31.

“Everybody’s saying, ‘Wow.’”

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