Carrie Rengers

Blue Fin Social Media to help small businesses with social media

While working for a large company that had a short-lived startup, Joshua Hensley found a small business need that’s prompting him to now have his own startup.

“I’m doing the old ‘fill a need,’” he says of Blue Fin Social Media.

“I’m going to offer social media services.”

Hensley says he’ll target startups and small businesses. He says he has friends in the social media business who offer those services for larger clients but whose prices make it difficult for small businesses seeking the same kind of help.

“I’ve found so many asking, ‘Who does social media for someone our budget?’” Hensley says.

“What it really means is exposure,” he says of the help he’ll offer.

For instance, Hensley says there could be an electrician who can’t afford commercials and hasn’t tried social media.

Hensley says he can build the person accounts with such things as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

“That will, first, drive traffic to his website,” Hensley says.

He says it will help with search engine optimization, too.

“It will also engage the clients he already has and make them more loyal.”

Hensley says the client can take over the social media sites or he can manage the accounts for a monthly fee.

“It’s going to be up to them.”

His basic monthly package starts at $59.99.

Hensley says he considered a number of names for his company.

“My wife’s so mad at me. I probably bought 19 different domains.”

Hensley says he has a large social network of his own and has been getting out the word that he’s starting a new company.

“I’ve already got three customers, and I haven’t even started,” he says. “So I think I’ve got one here.”

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