Carrie Rengers

Bill Warren says his bet ushered Republicans into the Senate

You may have thought your vote had something to do with it, or maybe the thousands of others who voted for Sen. Pat Roberts and other Republicans nationally, but movie theater owner Bill Warren reports, “I’m responsible for the Republicans taking control of the Senate.”

He says it happened thanks to a bet he made with Marvin Autry, who owns Midwest Corporate Aviation.

Have You Heard? previously reported on the pair’s long history of betting, such as the bet that won Autry the only reserved parking spot at Warren’s east-side theater.

Warren says Autry has won about 80 percent of the bets the two have made.

“So I bet Marvin that the Republicans wouldn’t take over the Senate,” Warren says.

He figured that given his history, it would be a sure bet that the Republicans would win.

“And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened,” Warren says.

Helping Republicans win wasn’t the top thing on Warren’s list, though. He calls himself a moderate Republican, “so that makes me an outcast in the party.”

Warren says he’s tired of politicians caring more about their parties than their country, so his hope “is that Democrats and Republicans sit down and starting acting like adults.”

“That’s what I wish would happen.”

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