Carrie Rengers

BottleOpener to open at Tallgrass Centre

A new kind of bar is opening by the Jimmy’s Egg in Tallgrass Centre at 21st and Rock Road, which is the same center where Best Buy is.

“It’s a slightly different concept,” Van Hoang says of her BottleOpener.

It’ll be a juice bar like so many bigger cities have, but it also will serve alcohol along with some sandwiches and snacks.

“We mainly sell fresh juices,” Hoang says.

“The customer has the option to sit down and drink,” she says of a lounge she’s creating, “… or you can take it to go if you’re in a hurry.”

Hoang says the interior will be as different as the concept and will feature a lot of funky patterns.

“It’s hard to describe.”

The business, which will open on Oct. 15, will be in 900 square feet.

“It’s a pretty small shop because we want to keep it intimate,” Hoang says.

The “we” is Hoang, an industrial engineer with Lockheed Martin, and some of her engineer friends who are going to help out.

“To be honest, we are a bunch of engineers who get bored, and we decided to have this venture,” she says. “It’ll be an interesting adventure.”

The BottleOpener name has meaning.

“It’s like a tool we use to release our stress,” Hoang says. “Being engineers we are pretty stressed out.”

Hoang at one point had been in school to become a chiropractor, and she says something one of her professors said about Jack Daniel’s stuck with her and has been on her mind while conceiving BottleOpener.

“The best muscle relaxant is not pills but a shot of J.D.”

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