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Nothing Bundt Cakes to open near 21st and Rock

Nothing Bundt Cakes offers cakes for special occasions, which even includes weddings.
Nothing Bundt Cakes offers cakes for special occasions, which even includes weddings. Courtesy photo

Pizza, beer and – Bundt cake?

That happy combination will be available in December when Nothing Bundt Cakes opens between Pie Five Pizza and Bricktown Brewery at 2035 N. Rock Road across from Bradley Fair.

“I bought into it because of the product,” says franchisee Yolanda Hamilton. “It is fabulous.”

She says the business is nothing but Bundt cakes, as the name says, so the idea is “really try to work on one product and master it.”

Hamilton, a California transplant, says she spent more than three decades with Bank of America managing offices across the country “and going nuts” working about 80 hours a week

When her husband, Dan, retired and they decided to return to Kansas, his home state, Hamilton decided to reinvent herself. She considered consulting among other things, but nothing really grabbed her.

Then Hamilton was ordering some Nothing Bundt Cakes for her daughters, who are still in California in college, and saw that the chain is looking for franchisees.

“I just said, ‘What?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my goodness. This is it.’”

Hamilton says the chain has about 200 stores, including ones in Overland Park and, soon, Mission Hills and Olathe, and is on track to add about 30 more a year.

“It has just been booming.”

She says the chain’s 40 different designs – everything from a bite-sized Buntini to larger tiered cakes – are known for their fresh, homemade taste.

“It’s really elegantly … put together,” Hamilton says. “You’re starting to see a lot of weddings starting to use them.”

She says “Bundt” means “gather round” in German.

“The bakery brings a nostalgic feeling when you walk into one,” Hamilton says.

Also, she says, “There’s a lot of corporate gifting along with this.”

Hamilton expects the store to open in early December.

Though she seriously considered opening somewhere on Greenwich, Hamilton says the demographics of Rock Road made too much sense to choose anywhere else.

“That is the nucleus.”

Hamilton says she thinks Nothing Bundt Cakes will fill a niche.

“My whole thing is they’re gorgeous but they’re good.”

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