Carrie Rengers

Juarez Bakery to open second store on South Seneca, not East Pawnee

Juarez Bakery, 1068 N. Waco
Juarez Bakery, 1068 N. Waco File photo

Juarez Bakery owner Manuel Fernandez is still working on a second site, but his plans have changed from earlier this year, when he told Have You Heard? he would open a second bakery on East Pawnee.

“We just changed our mind,” he says of the location.

He’s now planning to open at 2209 S. Seneca early in 2015.

His popular bakery at 10th and Waco sells mostly Mexican and some American pastries. The new bakery also will sell doughnuts.

There won’t be any seating. Fernandez says he would have had to add a bathroom that would have taken up too much of his 2,400 square feet.

Architectural Innovations is designing the new space.

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