Carrie Rengers

Snook Law moves to East Central

Attorney Donald Snook has worked on his own from home for a year after being at McDonald Tinker, Skaer, Quinn & Herrington for a decade. Now, he’s getting an official office.

“Working from home sucks,” he says.

“I just wanted to have a place where I could project a lot more professional image, where I could meet with clients, where my files weren’t right next to the laundry that needed to be folded.”

Thursday, he moved into his new Snook Law office at 5020 E. Central, which is between Oliver and Edgemoor.

Snook says he left his previous law firm because he wanted to focus almost exclusively on representing plaintiffs in injury cases.

“I learned a tremendous amount – valued my time there,” he says of working at the other firm, which he joined after law school.

Snook says, though, at a larger firm, it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. Also, he says McDonald Tinker does more defense work.

Adoption law is another area Snook includes in his practice. He says he adopted a son.

“I’ve done adoptions. I have a heart for it. I think it’s important.”

Snook’s wife, Joey, also is working with him.

“My wife is currently the CFO, office manager, secretary – whatever she wants to call herself.”


“Probably, yes.”

Snook says he has stressed to his wife how important clients are.

Without clients, he says, “I’d just be a guy with too many books and a briefcase.”

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