Carrie Rengers

British Tuck Shop to open in Andover

Tuck shops are popular all over England and several other countries for sweets and treats for kids and adults, and now one is opening in Andover.

A couple of British expatriates, Dominique Havers-Strong and Noreen Northrop, are opening the British Tuck Shop next week at 301 W. Central in Andover in front of Northrop’s Corry Academy of Irish Dance.

“It’s like the highlight of the day to go to the tuck shop,” Havers-Strong says of traditional tuck shop visits.

Many tuck shops in England are in schools. Havers-Strong and Northrop say they hope to attract children walking past their shop as they leave their nearby schools.

“People nowadays I think are looking for something different,” Northrop says.

“It’s going to be a fun venture,” she says. Northrop calls it “a place for children to grow a memory.”

There will be “real” Cadbury chocolate – not the kind that Hershey produces, Havers-Strong says – and Curly Wurly candy bars, which are similar to the old Marathon candy bar.

There will be “selection boxes” of other chocolates and Irn-Bru, a Scottish soda.

There will be items adults may like, too, including English sausage, meat pies, bacon, cakes, gifts and, eventually, crafts.

“We have so much coming in,” Northrop says.

“It’s the things you can’t buy in Dillons,” Havers-Strong says.

She came to the United States in 1999 when her husband found work here.

Northrop, who originally is from Scotland, came to Wichita from England in 1997 when her husband took a job with Raytheon.

She says she wanted a discount on socks and shoes and other supplies she needed for her dancers, but she had to be a retailer to get the lower prices.

Havers-Strong says her husband suggested they go the extra step and actually open a shop.

“The idea kind of snowballed,” she says.

“It’s a connection with home for both of us,” Northrop says.

She says they wanted to create a homey atmosphere.

“We wanted it to be attractively displayed,” Northrop says.

“It’s not your generic metal-shelved shop,” Havers-Strong says.

The store will open Nov. 5 and have a grand opening on Nov. 8.

Eventually, there may be tables and chairs outside in the summer.

Havers-Strong says word about the shop is getting around the British community in the greater Wichita area.

“I think it will turn into a little bit of a social gathering space.”

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