Carrie Rengers

Nitro Joe’s to distribute nitrogen-infused coffee to area businesses (+video)

There’s a new coffee business that Andrew Gough is involved with in addition to his Reverie Coffee Roasters on East Douglas east of Grove.

Entrepreneur Dan McDonald approached Gough needing cold-brewed coffee for his new Nitro Joe’s, a business in which he takes kegs of coffee and infuses them with nitrogen.

“It became more work than he was wanting to do as far as preparation,” Gough says.

So the two formed a partnership to use nitrogen to transform coffee into a smooth, creamy texture that’s also bubbly.

“Voila, you have nitro cold brew,” Gough says.

“It’s like having a stout beer,” he says. “Guinness is the best way to compare.”

The two plan to distribute the coffee around the city.

Gough says the nitrogen makes much smaller bubbles than Co2.

“It infuses itself in the coffee,” he says.

“More or less, it just tricks your mouth. … It creates a really nice texture that you can’t get just from serving coffee.”

Gough says the process is becoming popular nationally but that not many people here have tried it.

Now Gough says he’s trying to ramp up production to sell to restaurants and bars and “also as an alternative to hot coffee in the office environment.”

He says people can “pretend like they’re drinking beer when they’re really drinking an amazing coffee product.”

Gough says he and McDonald want to create more products and infuse other flavors into coffee, such hops or spices.

They also want to use different blends of beans to make different cold brews, Gough says.

“It’s more about enjoying coffee in a completely new way.”

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