Carrie Rengers

Sugar Shane’s Cafe to bring beach party to Augusta

Augusta isn’t exactly a beach lover’s paradise, but Shane Scott is opening a beach-themed restaurant there anyway.

His Sugar Shane’s Cafe will be “a poor man’s Margaritaville,” he says.

“We want people to come in and feel like they’re on vacation.”

Scott and his wife, Tonya, and their partner, Mark Gross, are opening the restaurant in September – a tentative date is set for Sept. 17 – at 430 State St.

They plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“We’re very ambitious,” Shane Scott says.

He says Augusta could use a sit-down breakfast restaurant and a place for steaks for dinner.

“We think we’re filling a niche.”

Scott, who has a background in car sales, says his wife used to be in restaurants “in a previous life.”

Gross, who most recently has been in the car business as well, also used to be in restaurants. Scott says Gross was kitchen manager for the first Cheesecake Factory.

So why aren’t they opening one of those, especially since it’s one of the most-requested businesses here?

“Yeah, wish we could,” Scott says. “My pockets aren’t that deep.”

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