Carrie Rengers

Professional Engineering Consultants celebrates 50 years (+video)

Turning 50 isn’t something everyone always wants to celebrate, but Professional Engineering Consultants does.

The company formed on Aug. 17, 1965, with the merger of five engineering firms.

On Monday, PEC celebrated with a party at its headquarters at 303 S. Topeka along with taking a photo on its second-floor balcony of all the Wichita employees who could make it.

It was a lot of people on a narrow balcony – so narrow and so many people that it inspired a joke not to mention a hope that it was well engineered.

The company has 270 employees, about 150 of whom are in the Wichita office. There also are offices in Topeka, Lawrence, Pittsburg, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Fort Collins, Colo.

In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, PEC is rebranding its Allied Labs into PEC Field Services.

The division does construction inspecting, surveying, materials testing and geotechnical engineering.

“We wanted to make sure everybody knew those folks were PEC people,” says spokesman Steve Hauck.

Allied Labs has been with PEC since 1973. Hauck says it was named Allied for better positioning in the phone book.

“That’s not relevant anymore”

With the celebration, PEC also released a couple of videos to brand the firm and recruit workers as it grows. It poked a little fun at itself in the process.

The video says Professional Engineering Consultants “sounds like a name an engineer would come up with and takes about half an hour to say, so we made it a handy acronym like an engineer would do.”

Check out a video at of CEO Rod Young discussing the anniversary.

He shares what he told employees during the firm’s party: “Today is, as I say it, is Day 1 of our next 50 years.”

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