Carrie Rengers

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission lacked quorum Thursday

Thursday’s Metropolitan Area Planning Commission meeting was canceled due to a lack of a quorum, which begs several questions.

Has this happened before?

Did everyone take all their marbles and go home over something controversial?

Did the planning staff then take off for the movies or early cocktails?

Current plans manager Dale Miller answers with a maybe, a no and an absolutely not.

“As far as I know, we haven’t had to cancel a planning commission meeting,” he says.

There have been some meetings that were delayed as commission members – there are 14 of them, and eight make a quorum – waited on enough people to meet.

This time, planners knew in advance that the meeting wouldn’t happen.

“This is just kind of the bad luck of the draw, probably, between vacations and business obligations,” Miller says.

He and other planners didn’t have the afternoon off as a result.

“No, I’m sitting here getting ready for Tuesday morning’s City Council meeting,” Miller says. “This isn’t like we’ve got an afternoon off from school.”

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