Carrie Rengers

Omni Center is close to receiving license to allow music

There has been some neighborhood opposition to Kevin Brown’s planned Omni Center, a new event center the former Cibola owner is opening at 6160 E. Central, but that may have been eliminated.

“I think all the opposition has been taken care of,” says Greg Ferris, who is helping Brown get a nightclub license. “At least any opposition I know.”

The issue is the word “nightclub.” The city requires a nightclub license for businesses that serve alcohol and have music.

“You know what a nightclub is, and I know what a nightclub is, and this isn’t a nightclub,” Ferris says.

Omni Center will hold private parties, such as wedding receptions.

“Once I explained to them what we were really doing there, they had no problem with Kevin’s proposal,” Ferris says of people who initially had an issue with it.

Ferris says the district advisory board and the planning commission voted unanimously to recommend that Brown should receive the license. He says such singular support “really isn’t all that common,” so he expects the City Council also will approve the license.

However, Ferris says, “It’s very sad that that’s the way the code’s written.” He says it “stirs up all the community and concerns.”

“The city would be better off if they had a provision in there,” Ferris says of making exceptions for private venues. “I told the planning commission that.”

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