Carrie Rengers

Landreth Team Dentistry to leave College Hill; Will Baker to practice on east side

After decades in College Hill, Landreth Team Dentistry is leaving.

Dentist Will Baker is joining the Frankenbery & Johnson practice at its future home at 3101 N. Cypress.

“They approached me about two years ago when they were coming up with the idea of a new facility,” Baker says.

He hadn’t been thinking about making a change, but he says it was an attractive idea.

“It’s very lonely working as a dentist by yourself,” Baker says. “Every decision comes to you.”

He says he likes the idea of camaraderie with other dentists – and sharing the paperwork.

“I just don’t enjoy the business side of it at all,” Baker says. “Everything sounded like it would be more enjoyable and more fun, so here we are.”

Baker will start at the new practice in early January.

“We’re all excited about being in a new facility,” says Landreth’s Donna Kay Booth.

“Dentistry is evolving into multidentistry practices instead of single practitioners,” she says. “With the cost of equipment nowadays and technology … you can share that expense with other dentists and still have the latest up-to-date technology … to give your patients the best care.”

The 5,100-square-foot current Landreth building, which is at 4620 E. Douglas just west of Oliver, is now for sale.

Baker says his first year at Frankenbery & Johnson will be on an associate basis to make sure it’s a good fit for all involved.

“It’s like a marriage,” he says. “There’s actually more stress because there’s money involved.”

If all goes as planned, he’ll then be a partner.

Baker says the name of the practice won’t change immediately, but it most likely will eventually change to a generic name instead of having every dentist’s name on the business.

“We don’t want it to sound like an attorney’s office.”

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