Carrie Rengers

Limitless Yoga instructor will go wherever she’s needed

When Kelsea Wright named her new business Limitless Yoga, she meant it.

Instead of opening in a storefront, the yoga instructor is taking her business wherever people want it.

That could be private lessons, team practices and even yoga parties.

“I figured it would be much more convenient if I brought the yoga to people who want it,” Wright says.

“I have all of the supplies that a normal yoga studio would have,” she says. “I am able to take yoga to … wherever and whoever would like a class.”

Wright says a few different things inspired her to start the business.

“I realized that we just don’t have a lot of yoga studios for such a big population,” Wright says.

Also, she says different people have different yoga needs.

“Sometimes going to a studio can be a little intimidating,” she says. “It might just not be the environment you thrive in.”

Other people might have medical issues or be in training for certain things and need private attention.

“It could be that you’re working on a specific muscle group,” Wright says.

For teams, she says, “I can customize a class to meet their needs.”

Wright says she’s open to doing classes in living rooms or outdoors.

“It … makes it kind of nice to have a change in environment.”

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